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Management Team

Nils Söderström

CEO and Founder

Gustaf Svensson

CFO and Founder

About Renbloc

RenBloc allows consumers to control what type of energy they consume by providing transparency from source to consumption. Our product transparently identifies and distinguishes between energy sources. We provide the metrics you need to show your efforts in sustainability, ensuring you meet your own sustainability goals, while helping your customers make informed decisions.

Problem and opportunity

Consumer choice is guided by transparency, from fair trade to free range. However, that level of transparency is currently missing from the energy market. Consumers want to make clean energy decisions but they lack the tools to verify the energy source.

We see providing transparency as a huge opportunity to provide choice to the consumer and create a point of difference for brands.

Value proposition

Renbloc has developed a product that gives consumers choice through transparency in their energy sources, letting them know the provenance of their energy - in real time.

We provide the metrics you need to show your efforts in sustainability, ensuring you meet your own sustainability goals, while helping your customers make informed decisions.

Our tech also allows for cross border trading, opening up for the first ever global energy transparency market.

What makes us unique

We are absolutely first to market, bolstered by several successful trials and extensive market research, giving us a great head start on the competition. Our tech has undergone extensive technical testing and validation, and thanks to that we are now able to transparently identify and track both large scale power plant production as well as smaller solar installation without any losses.

Business model

Our model is a SaaS monthly subscription based fee, applicable to both energy companies and energy consumers (manufacturing, real estate, FMCG companies, etc.). The fee is calculated on the number of sites we monitor and the amount of energy tracked in our system. The more sites and/or more energy the higher the rebate.

Go-to-market plan

We are currently growing and scaling out business with all actors on the energy value chain, partnering with Manufacturing, Real Estate, Government, and FMCG companies as well as Energy Utilities to deliver a complete end-to-end offering.

Our pricing model allows for an easy to run, low cost POC to be set up on selected client sites, through which we demonstrate value within a few weeks. This model permits us to effortlessly expand with the client at minimal added cost.

Since October of 2019 we have been partnered with ABB, gaining access to all their global production and facilities, allowing us to expand effortlessly into 98 countries across the world.


We have partnered with several energy retailers and global clients such as ABB where we are currently assisting in creating their first ever real-time renewable energy tracking.

We are excited and proud to announce that we are currently launching two separate POCs one with energy industry giant EnergyAustralia, and one with global beverage producer Asahi.

For EnergyAustralia we’re putting out renewable indicators in buildings detailing exactly what energy sources go into powering that building.

For Asahi, we’re placing a sticker on selected products that details exactly what type of energy went into making that product.

Management team

We’re an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience ranging from energy to startups and global consulting and years of success in business development, analytics, as well as software development.

Our team has more than 40 years of experience ranging from energy to startups and business development, and we are first to market, bolstered by several successful trials and extensive market research.

Our advisory board consists of innovators, energy experts, and business leaders from the likes of ABB, STING and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Vision for the future

Where the FDA regulates food, and Fair Trade helps ethically sourced coffee and chocolates, there's nothing certifying your energy source. That's the void Renbloc will fill globally.

We see a future with clear, intuitive and transparent energy labeling on all consumer products, empowering energy transparency to become that consumer choice driver that we already know that it is.


We need your help to expand and scale out business in Australia, and we are looking for organisations that want an edge in engaging with their customers.

If you want to know how energy transparency can help you in your business reach out to me here, or go to renbloc.com/demoday (where you will also find a live version of our renewable indicator) to find out more.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hearing your thoughts on the future of Energy Transparency!

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