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Startup Details

USD $1M - $5M
Business Stage
Growth (home market)

Management Team

Jeremy Woolley

Head of Utilities

Stephane Lee-Favier


Hannah Suppiah

Product Director

Alex Maple


About GenGame

A consumer engagement platform that connects energy retailers with their residential customers via exciting & insightful mobile apps.

Problem and opportunity

We save money, time and CO2 for households by making it easy and enjoyable to engage with their energy use.

We provide our products through energy retailers to help them build strong relationships with their residential customers.

Value proposition

Home energy made easy and fun for households.

Happy, zero-touch customers at low cost for energy retailers.

What makes us unique

We make the newest and best energy technologies accessible to anyone with our unique combination of Consumer Design, Energy tech and Software expertise.

Business model

Energy retailers pay a setup fee and then a monthly subscription fee for access to our consumer engagement platform.

This enables them to offer our bespoke and powerful mobile apps to their residential customers as well as access to our Utility Dashboard for simple insights into customer engagement trends & success.

Go-to-market plan

We're building relationships with energy retailers of all sizes that have specific customer engagement ambitions we can help them achieve.

By standardising our product & feature modules we're reducing the cost and time of deploying apps so it's fast & cheap for new retailers and their customers to test our apps.

We're also working with existing retailers and their customers to expand the apps we currently offer so they can be offered to all of their residential customer base.


In the last 3 months we've completed 2 POCs with Energy Australia which have proven there is strong interest for our products down under as well as in the UK.

We're now in discussions to convert these positive results into a pilot app for release in the next few months.

We're also building relationships with a number of smaller retailers who are keen to cut customer-care opex and differentiate themselves on customer experience by using our apps.

Management team

Stephane Lee-Favier, our CEO, is an experienced business development & engineering exec including an MBA (INSEAD), MEng (Oxford) and 10 years at Rolls Royce. He heads up a multidisciplinary team with experience across the sectors of technology, design and energy.

With experience across UX, UI, game design and animation, our Design Team understands the process of creating engaging and customer-focused applications intricately. At GenGame, this design expertise is combined with a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector, across grid management, energy retail, smart homes and demand response.

We understand the problems faced by energy retailers and household consumers alike and are perfectly placed to offer solutions for each, made possible through accessible, customer-centric applications.

Vision for the future

We're helping consumers around the world reach their personal goals (financial, environmental and lifestyle) by making small, simple changes to their home energy use.

We see a future where homes are fully empowered to understand their home energy and the opportunities that exist for them to use less, spend less, generate less CO2, and where they're properly rewarded for positive changes they make.


We're looking for forward thinking energy retailers who:

• Want to launch our existing apps

• Want to develop apps to solve further customer engagement problems

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