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Startup Details

USD $501k - $1M
Business Stage
Growth (home market & international market)

Management Team

Jaime Salazar


Alejandro Ramirez


Cesar Berrio

Sales Director

Camilo Andrade


About Energy Master

Energy Master´s intelligence software empowers corporations to make the best decisions concerning utility consumption.

Problem and opportunity

Most companies don’t allocate enough resources to utility bill management. In a time where cost savings are everything and energy prices are rising, multi-site corporations are presented with a real challenge in reducing costs and reaching sustainability targets.

Value proposition

Generate a value-added service to clients in reducing consumption and costs of critical resources provide sustainability indicators, and build strategies around carbon footprint reduction. Using business intelligence software, multi-site corporations across the globe can achieve savings of up to 20% across utility bills and taxes without any hardware investment.

What makes us unique

Our solution is facilitated through the use of a baseline, to which all utility consumption is compared. This baseline is established using historical and contextual data from across our clients’ industries and the energy sector. By continuing to run software design alongside other critical processes in-house in our Colombian HQ, we are able to keep our costs significantly lower than our competitors.

Business model

We use a tiered pricing structure On average, we charge 0.5% of the managed energy cost as a monthly fee. For the Australian market and other countries, we are working to set up a partner distribution model. We guarantee net savings for our clients through the use of our service. If these are not realized, our fee is refunded.

Go-to-market plan

Our business model allows us to run POCs fast and free of charge for potential clients. Using the outcome of the POC, we can establish the saving potential and the estimated revenue for the company. We are working in a partner business model, in which we can license the software for other markets.


Energy Master has customers in South America, including two of the largest banks and multiple retail stores in Colombia. To date, customer savings have reached over US$1 million. With projects (POCs) currently underway in Europe, Africa, and Australia, similar results are anticipated. We are profitable since year one.

Management team

Jaime is a successful entrepreneur, owner of Novotechno de Colombia, one of the biggest technology integrators in the country. His three partners, Alejandro, Camilo, and Cesar, have more than 37 years of experience in the energy sector between them.

Vision for the future

We envision a future in which no organization overspends on utilities, and global carbon dioxide emissions are continually reduced thanks to widespread energy optimization. Soon, by combining utility consumption across companies, a pool of demand can be created, which can be met by better value tariffs.

For the current year, we aim to increase sales in Colombia by 150% on last year, and by 100% incrementally by 2021.

By 2021, we hope to have physical branches established in Mexico and Peru, and distribution partners signed in Australia, Brazil, USA, Spain, and South Africa.


Australia represents an opportunity for Energy Master not only due to its market size but also in its approach towards corporate social responsibility. We are looking for investors and partners who believe in our project and can help us grow globally.

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