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Startup Details

USD $101k - $500k
Business Stage
Scaling Globally

Management Team

Rajesh Solanki


Anees Mir


Jean-Claude Junqua

Head of Strategy

About Energos

Edge AI for intelligent nodes on the evolving distributed energy systems.

Problem and opportunity

More than ever before, the world has committed itself to fully transition our energy system from centralized power plants to a decentralized distributed grid. However, this transition will present some complex challenges.

Such challenges include: the management of multi direction energy flow, integration with legacy systems, the task of making new energy systems resilient to emergencies like flooding & fire, new cyber threats linked to being connected to the main grid, and the combined optimization of different buildings to ensure demand adjusts to available intermittent supply.

Value proposition

Our solution is simple make each energy consuming and generating asset intelligent by adding an AI model on top to run it.

Our AI specializes in reducing consumption of all heating and cooling loads while ensuring good indoor air quality. Our AI also automates the energy flow of solar, storage and EV charging points, thus making it a true optimizer of bi-directional energy flow, something which all organizations will have in near future.

What makes us unique

Instead of the rule based controls, used by most of our competitors, we employ AI at the Edge. AI creates learning models for automated actions. Learnings are shared between nodes , thus creating a mesh of intelligent distributed system which can share learnings, information and even energy based on available intermittent supply. It is more cyber secure, and ideal for islanding your energy systems in emergencies like floods and fires.

Business model

We use a performance-based subscription model requiring zero capex. Large businesses including multi-site banks, retail stores and food chain alongside industrial and large building customers pay us a share of savings on their total energy system and an additional SaaS fee for value added services.

Go-to-market plan

We partner with Energy services companies, energy retailers and Oil & gas cos companies who want to offer new digital energy services to their business customers.


We are deployed directly in 12 large corporates in 1250 sites, giving us an ARR of $1.5 M and combined revenue of over $ 4 M in 3.5 years.

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Energy Australia - a major energy retailer in Australia - for a pilot at one of their customer's sites

Management team

I'm Rajesh Solanki, Founder and CEO of Energos. I am a repeat entrepreneur with a successful exit in the past.

Anees our CTO has previous experience with a German energy company.

Jean Claude is ex-Panasonic and leads business and go to market strategy.

Together our team of 20 has the right combined industry experience which is crucial to digitize a legacy industry like energy.

Vision for the future

Our vision is to connect hundreds and thousands of sites to form a planet wide single mesh of intelligent nodes on the evolving distributed grid thus creating a network effect, of sharing data, sharing learnings, sharing information and sharing energy at enterprise level as against individual building levels.


We are seeking partnerships with more energy services, energy retailers and Oil & Gas companies in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

We are also looking to raise $3 M growth capital to accelerate this vision of intelligent nodes on the distributed grid in Australia and across the globe .

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