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Startup Details

USD $501k - $1M
Business Stage
Growth (home market & international market)

Management Team

Matthew Owen

Head of APAC Expansion

Adam Griffin


Tim Ohlsen


About ELDO MeterStack

Meterstack is a consumer centric energy data marketplace that increases both the value and accessibility of utility data, while empowering the consumer to take back control.

Problem and opportunity

There is currently a two-fold problem when it comes to energy data. The first being that consumers aren't engaged with their energy data - they don't understand it, which leads them to having no idea what it's worth, and they don't know how to access it if they wanted to share it. The second problem is that companies struggle to access energy data and often those that do have access, don't know how to unlock all of its value.

Value proposition

Providing a single platform where companies needing access to energy consumption data to deliver on their value proposition can plug in and are able to determine which consumers data they see potential value in accessing. It also provides a mechanism by which they are able to incentivise those consumers to share their data.

What makes us unique

Having built and scaled an energy business that unlocks the value of energy data for our customers. We have developed a key understanding of the consumer while at the same time built out a core understanding of how data is managed, and used, in the energy value chain. As such, we believe we are very well positioned to bring Meterstack to the Australian market.

Business model

Meterstack is a marketplace and would have fee structures attached to data access.

Go-to-market plan

In Australia we are setting up a consortium with DiUS and Marchment Hill Consulting to demonstrate the value of energy data through projects. We are also talking with regulators around rule design for data access when it comes to Open Data in Energy and positioning the energy data marketplace as a key value proposition in this new ecosystem.


We are working with local companies, namely DiUS and Marchment Hill, and leveraging our expertise from South Africa to deliver a tool for distributors and communities alike that will demonstrate the viability of stand alone power system solutions on the back of data.

Management team

We have a very strong management team that has deep entrepreneurial and operational experience having built and exited past businesses and now more recently being focused on building and scaling ELDO, with software and data at its core.

Vision for the future

The vision for the smart energy future is that everything is integrated and we have a fully connected smart grid. This means that it would enable all distributed energy resources (DERs) from solar to batteries to electric vehicles all to contribute to the grid. We want to enable this and unlock all other energy value propositions through providing access to data.


We have set up a consortium and are looking for partners that can provide value either strategically or financially.

Or companies that are sitting on a lot of energy data and don't know how to unlock all of its value.

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