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Startup Details

USD $501k - $1M
Business Stage
Growth (home market & international market)

Management Team

Soner Haci

CEO & Co-founder

Hay Erturk

CTO & Co-founder

Hugo Van Dijk

VP Business Development

About BEAD

BEAD is an AI-based software and hardware system that analyses human behavior and learns buildings' real-time occupancy data to optimize operations.

Problem and opportunity

Every year, we waste over $250 Bn worth of energy, $50 Bn in operational inefficiency and over $100 Bn in work efficiency caused by an unhealthy office environment. The reason: human behavior and usage trends are not accounted for by building systems or facilities managers. We simply don't know how the building is used during the day.

Value proposition

BEAD creates digital models of commercial buildings and industrial facilities in order to solve operational inefficiency, energy waste and insurance claims problems in Real-Estate and Construction that cost companies more than $250B each year. With the integration of real-time data into the operations and claims process using AI and blockchain, we help optimize the process and its resolution, reducing risk and fraud.

What makes us unique

BEAD's technology converts a passive building into autonomously operated intelligent building, able to adapt to changing occupancy levels and external weather patterns.

It starts with digitalization! BEAD sensors analyze human behaviors and occupancy changes inside the building. Next, with the use of BEAD software, occupancy cycles, movements, and density change information can be collected. This information, in turn, helps you to develop marketing strategies, optimize operations and increase energy efficiency without breaching user comfort

Business model

Our business uses a subscription model. Our customers pay a subscription fee per device, per ft2/m2 covered alongside a one-time activation fee. The duration of the agreement is 36 to 60 months. We install a device approximately every 100m2 in open spaces but if the building has rooms and closed areas we must install one device in each room or area. Using BEAD, customers achieve 15% to 25% Energy savings and 5% to 10% operational savings. Our customers receive return on their investment within 14 to 18 months.

Go-to-market plan

BEAD is scaling fast through partnerships with Telecom, Facility Management, HVAC manufacturers, ESCO companies and Energy Utilities. Our partners can offer their clients new solutions and create new revenue streams as well as save operational costs. As of 2018, we are partnering with Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Schneider as their official Building IoT and Proptech provider.


To date we have installed over 3800 BEAD systems and sensors in over 150 Buildings across the US, EU, and Eastern Europe. We closed 2019 with a 200% growth and $350k Revenue. Our customers achieved over 15% savings from optimizing operations, space usage and energy consumption.

During the last 3 months with Startupbootcamp, we have begun 5 PoCs with Energy Australia, Hydro Tasmania, and soon one with Asahi. We aim to initiate another 5 PoCs with SBC's partners. Our goal is to develop long term partnerships with those companies and extend to the Australian market.

Management team

Our team has a solid foundation in the building energy management, renewable energy, and smart grid spaces, we are hardcore technologists at heart!

Besides our core team, we have very important executives in our Advisory Board including the head of AI at Accenture, former CFO at e-on / Verbund and former VP of Sales of MySpace

Vision for the future

BEAD's vision for the future is that every building provides comfort to its occupants. We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings and nearly half of that time is spent inside commercial buildings like shops and offices. Even the next generation is assumed to become an indoor generation which makes it much more important to understand how we use buildings and how the building technology should work according to our usage trends. Building automation technologies haven’t changed much in the last 25 years. We still rely on a human to change and adapt the HVAC and building technology to make the building more efficient and comfortable.

Buildings are dynamic ecosystems and the circumstances are changing so fast in every part of the building that we cannot rely on humans, facilities managers, technical managers, and engineers to operate them. The building should be operated by a system that is adaptive and responsive


We are looking for strategic partners in insurance, utilities, building management, and telecoms who need real-time data on human behavior, usage trends from real-estates and facilities.

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